How to solve problems: advice based on our personal experience

This time around, in Code && Beyond, we share our best problem-solving tips and tricks. Listen to what works for us when hitting a roadblock while developing software:

  • Timeboxing
  • Using the scientific method
  • Experimentation and prototyping
  • Diagrams and sketching on paper
  • Trying to explain the problem in simple words
  • Thinking about and describing the problem, rather than the solution
  • …and more

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Music by Twisterium from Pixabay.

Another episode

Cloud-based software has been a part of our lives for quite some time. So much so, that even some products that currently exist might not have been possible without it. Besides obvious things like apps on our laptops, smartphones and PCs, there are cloud-connected TVs, refrigerators, keyboards and many other gadgets.