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Code && Beyond is a (semi)weekly podcast with Pablo and Alex, two software engineers with more than 35 years of professional experience combined. We talk about creativity, productivity, problem solving, tools, culture, and anything beyond, but still related to the daily life of a software developer.

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Product discovery

In this episode of Code && Beyond amazing Ana Hernández joined us to talk about product discovery.

  • How to find features that would delight users?
  • How to handle failing ideas?
  • What is MVP and how to compare it to PoC?
  • How to collect feedback about your product?

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Pablo Vicente

Pablo Vicente

Software Engineer

An adaptable and proficient software developer, with experience in Web Development and API design. My goal is to become the best software developer I can, and to work with interesting people.

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Alexander Sulim

Alexander Sulim

Software Engineer. Maker.

A software engineer building the web professionally for the last fifteen years, recently focused on backend challenges at Babbel.

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