Productivity methods and hacks

Productivity is one of the evergreen topics. But what does it even mean to be productive? How to tame procrastination? Does that make sense to worry about that at all?

In this episode, Pablo and Alex explore these and other questions, share their personal stories of becoming more productive at work and in their personal life.


  • Obsidian is a powerful knowledge base that works on top of a local folder of plain text Markdown files.
  • gron transforms JSON into discrete assignments to make it easier to grep for what you want.
  • Luca (film).
  • asdf is a CLI tool that can manage multiple language runtime versions on a per-project basis.
  • Slides in your terminal.

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Music by Asepirawan20 from Pixabay.

Another episode

This time Pablo and Alex touch on the topic of the HTTP API design. They share a couple of stories from personal experience and explain what The API Design-First approach is and when it might make sense to follow it.