From Rocks to Code: How a Geologist Became a Software Developer

On this episode of Code && Beyond, Alex and Pablo welcome a new special guest (and the latter’s namesake): Pablo Hernández. A former geologist, Pablo became a software developer a few years ago.

Listen as he talks about how he changed careers successfully and answers questions like:

  • What does it take to change your career path and get into coding?
  • Where and how to start a new career as a software developer?
  • How to land your first job in a tech team?

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Music by Twisterium from Pixabay.

Another episode

As software engineers, we rely on a lot of tools: editors,  IDEs, linters, version control, terminal emulators, virtual machines…  Tools we buy, download for free, or build ourselves.

They define – or at least affect – the quality of what we produce. They boost our delivery speed and automate boring tasks but sometimes, we must admit, they also drive us crazy. What is clear is that, by using tools every single day, we have come to depend on them.

In this episode of Code && Beyond, we talk about our favourite tools and try to define how we would build the most effective development environment with them.

Starring a special guest: Juan Ibiapina, who has built one of the most advanced development environments.