Productivity tools: Planning

In this episode of Code && Beyond, Pablo and Alex talk about  their experiences with long and short-term planning as software  developers. Also quite unexpectedly featuring some larger topics such as  freedom and how life goals can become distorted once you start chasing someone else’s dreams.  


  • NeoVim
  • telescope.nvim is a highly extendable fuzzy finder over lists. Built on the latest awesome features from neovim core. Telescope is centered around modularity, allowing for easy customization.

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Music by Asepirawan20 from Pixabay.

Another episode

Writing tests is like flossing your teeth: everyone agrees it’s great  for your health, but not everyone does it right (or even at all). Nobody  denies that it can sometimes be tricky. It requires time, a good  understanding of the context, and access to the right tools. In this  episode of Code && Beyond, Pablo and Alex delve deep into the  topic of testing in software development, discussing not only why and  how, but also common mistakes, and solutions.

Let’s see how it goes 😃